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Vehicle Inspections ITV (MOT)

Vehicles in Spain are subject to an annual inspection calle an  'ITV' which is the equivalent of the English  MOT

Taking your vehicle for its annual ITV

It's better to make an appointment by phone, or using the internet form You have this Andalucia ITV agencies link available (only for Andalucia registered cars)
Each town/city will have a local ITV centre. It is not like the UK where most garages offer MOT's.
On arrival at the ITV station, make sure you have the documents for the vehicle to hand. You will need to present these at the counter along with your fee. [Sept 2010 in Malaga the fee was 40.52 euros]. This was 31.34 basic fee, 5.64 IVA and 3.54 Trafica fees. The basic fee of 31.34 was 24.04 for the safety inspection and 7.30 for the emissions test.
You will then be given a piece of paper and a receipt. You wait in the car park outside until they call your name/registration number over the loud speaker. They will also tell you which lane to go to.
For example: "Malaga 4566 to lane 6".
You then drive into the lane as requested and you will be given instructions as to what to do.

The tester will tell you to show your lights, indicators, wipers, hazard lights etc. he will then test the emissions of your vehicle and headlight alignment. This is follwed by a seatbelt check and a quick look under the bonnet.
From here you drive forward over an inspection pit where the steering will be checked. You remain in your vehicle through the test. You drive onto a small rolling road where the brakes are tested. Your handbrake is then tested.
The computer will record braking pressure etc. When completed you drive out of the other end of the lane and await your pass/fail certificate.
If you pass your ITV you will be given a sticker to display in your windscreen for the next 12 months. If you fail you will be given a fail notice which gives you two months to make the repair then re-book the test. The re-test is free if made within the two month period.
If you are using your foreign registered car in Spain for a few months (no more than six months in any calendar year is allowed) then it must be legal as far as roadworthy, insurance and road taxes are concerned. You cannot get your car MOT'd in Spain, or even in Gibraltar, and if the certificate runs out, not only will you be illegal in Spain, but also as soon as you arrive back in the UK.   Spanish vehicles have to conform to inspections also, depending on the type and use of the vehicle.



We do it for you

  • Complete revision of your car
  • Get the appointment
  • Bring the car to the ITV for inspection
  • Bring the car back to you
Only 100 € (it does not includes the ITV fee)


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